You win only if you are not afraid to lose.

If you are serious about improving your technique and physical condition this wrestling season, GRIT WRESTLING is for you. Now in our 8th season, Junior High and High School wrestlers will benefit tremendously under the direction of NCAA Champion and All-American talent. The supplemental training program will teach wrestlers of all skill levels the commitment necessary to achieve their wrestling goals.

GRIT WRESTLING sessions will consist of intense pre-season training so you will be in shape and ready when the high school season begins. We will help you get your timing back while increasing your physical capabilities by focusing on technique, running, weight training, and hard wrestling.

Advanced Techniques
All top, bottom and standing positions of wrestling will be addressed throughout the training sessions. Key technical skills include: Stance/motion, penetration, finishes, defense, tie-ups, offensive attacks, defensive attacks, riding, pinning, escapes, matching strategies, etc.
Nutrition Education
Being able to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet is very important. Good nutrition can be the difference between success and failure. Just like the whole sport of wrestling, a good diet takes discipline. It is neither easy nor fun to eat healthy but critical to reach the next level.
Weight Loss and Weight Management
Many wrestlers spend the majority of their effort and time worrying about their weight instead of improving. Most wrestlers do not have a concrete plan on how to diet and maintain weight effectively. We will share several techniques that have been proven to work for today’s elite level wrestlers.
Intensity and Mental Discipline Training
We will train the body and mind to become more intense. Intensity is a must for a successful wrestler. Mental training techniques will be taught to push the mind to new levels to allow your body to follow. Proper mental preparation is as important as techniques and conditioning.
Strength and Conditioning
Wrestling is different, so we must train different. This especially holds true in weight training. We will incorporate strength training techniques used by elite wrestlers to get to your body in proper condition. Conditioning is another major area of focus. Fatigue can limit your ability and mentally inhibit your improvement and performance. We will train hard and learn how to push your body to a new level.
Video Critiques
The knowledge to properly scout opponents and critique oneself is essential for success. An untapped avenue for young wrestlers, video critique of oneself and scouting of opponents can help in your training and preparation. Learning from mistakes and knowing an opponent's tendencies can help for big matches.

NCAA Champions & ALL-American Instructors
University of MN. Wrestling Facilities
One-on-One Attention
Nutrition and Weight Management Education
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Take-home Training and Conditioning Materials

GRIT WRESTLING is open to students in grades 6-12. Our program is in accordance with the Minnesota High School League Bylaws.

Insurance & Injuries
All participants will be covered by J Robinson Camps' secondary payer insurance policy while training at GRIT WRESTLING. This policy is included with GRIT tuition and is in excess of any coverage you may have. A physical exam within the past 12 months by a licensed physician is required. A school physical is acceptable. GRIT does not grant refunds due to injury, illness or skin infection.

Contact our office with any questions. Our Wrestling Director is available via telephone (612.349.6585 x 204) or email (